So I had an S14 240SX with an LS1, I it was a labor of love for many years but last month I hydroplaned off of the highway while driving home from work and the car was totaled. I could buy another S14 and pull most of my equipment off of the old car but as someone who enjoys the build process more than driving the finished car. I've been tossing around the idea of a different car (preferably something I can transplant my LS1 into).

I'd love to build an S15 Silvia or FRS but sadly I'm blocked by US import laws and finances respectively (I've only got about $8-10K to work with). I've tossed around the ideas of a 240Z, first gen Celica coupe or trying to get an 89 R32 skyline shell (since they'll be legal in 2014).

No matter what it is I need to be a light, rear wheel drive coupe (I'm not much of a soft top guy). Despite the fact that I shoved a V8 in my car I'm more interested in having fun on winding back roads than blasting down the straights. I'd love suggestions from the Jalop community!