I am intimately familiar with the unusual car buying process from having previously owned an Isuzu VehiCROSS and this is pretty much spot on ... At least most of the guts of those things are shared in common with other Isuzus.

The description of buying a "normal" car is kind of wrong though, if you compare it to buying… » 1/07/15 11:43am 1/07/15 11:43am

I owned a 99 for a number of years. on more than one occasion I got air-born just bombing down some back roads. No joke, these things drive like someone built a car-sized quad. the suspension is way overbuilt... all of the arms and links were easily twice as beefy as the equipment on my Toyota pickup. » 6/05/14 2:13pm 6/05/14 2:13pm

I learned this the hard way when I tried to find a clean Toyota Previa.... I figured I've found much older, much more rare cars in perfect shape... something as common as a Previa should be a breeze... NOPE pretty much everyone who ever owned one beat the everliving snot out of the thing and then drove it into the… » 5/02/14 12:00pm 5/02/14 12:00pm

Here's a news flash... you've been able to "print" real metal guns for decades using CNC machines... load in a hunk of metal, load up the program and let it do it's magic. Granted these machines costs substantially more than 3D printers but you don't see terrorists using them to make guns. » 4/29/14 9:41am 4/29/14 9:41am

I drive an S14 240sx... similar in size to an FR-S or an MR2 or any of the other small cars mentioned... and they're all COMPLETELY different than a lotus... My Uncle has an Elise what makes it hard is the fact that the door sill is about 8" wide and 8" ABOVE the seat cushion... to the point where once you're in the… » 4/27/14 9:35pm 4/27/14 9:35pm

After 16 years of driving with a flawless driving record.. cold rain while driving 50 in a 65 on a freshly paved highway because it felt slippery and suddenly I'm sideways as my car is hydroplaning towards an exit sign... I know how to drive in slippery conditions, I've lived in New England my entire life. Steering… » 4/17/14 10:53am 4/17/14 10:53am

It comes down to popularity. How fast things get emulated is directly related to the number of people willing to put time and energy into emulating it... Sony has a huge community of PS2 fans and that translates into a larger community of people interested in working on PS2 emulation. » 3/26/14 11:11am 3/26/14 11:11am

I actually figured out the exact episode placement of the movie at one point... I completely forget now but but I think if you've got the US releases DVDs it slots in just before the last disc.

There is definitely a specific placement as the last few episodes of the series are kind of an "end game" that only work… » 3/18/14 3:09pm 3/18/14 3:09pm

The Arcade I used to work at in Weirs Beach, NH had one... I'm pretty sure it's still there. They're only open in the summer though.

That stupid thing used to break all the time. Really fun when it was working though. » 2/17/14 4:28pm 2/17/14 4:28pm