"God's Garden" Cyber Troopers Virtual On Tournament in Japan starts soon..

7/25 24:00 大会エントリー締切り <Tournament entry deadline><Japanese time>
Here's the schedule:
7/27 18:00 OMGトーナメント開始(best4まで) <Virtual On Operation Moongate. Starts until best 4>

20:00 VO4トーナメント開始(best4まで) <Virtual On Force. Starts until best 4>

23:00 OMG/VO4準決勝・決勝 <Operation Moogate / Force semi-final & final>

7/28 19:00…

So I had an S14 240SX with an LS1, I it was a labor of love for many years but last month I hydroplaned off of the highway while driving home from work and the car was totaled. I could buy another S14 and pull most of my equipment off of the old car but as someone who enjoys the build process more than driving the…